OpenSpending tools

OpenSpending Viewer

The OpenSpending Viewer is a Javascript app that provides views over data uploaded to OpenSpending. It offers 8 different visualisations and a pivot table for analyzing the data

OpenSpending Packager

Via OpenSpending Packager fiscal data can be uploaded from alternate sources (csv, Excel, Google Sheets and Fiscal Data Package). Data and metadata can be uploaded in 4 simple steps.

OpenSpending Admin

OpenSpending Admin offers the possibility to administer a user account and the associated data packages that have been loaded to the platform. You can access it from the main Packager or Viewer once you create an account.

OpenSpending DataMine

The OpenSpending DataMine is an experimental feature for investigative analysis of data with direct access to read any part of the database. This feature can be used (and it is encouraged!), but currently it is not subject to further customisation.

What kind of data can I upload to OpenSpending?

OpenSpending is designed to work with any dataset in CSV format containing government budget, spending information or any other fiscal data. To upload this data, we use data pipelines and the Fiscal Data Package. We recommend learning a bit more about it, even if you're not part of the technical team uploading the data.