Announcing A New Architectural Roadmap for OpenSpending


At the 2015 Open Data Day a proposal for a new vision for the approach and architecture of OpenSpending was approved. It opens up an exciting opportunity for open budget initiatives around the world to work more closely together, whilst remaining independent. In a nutshell:

We want to centralize data but decentralize 'presentation' (views).

What does this mean? It means an OpenSpending ecosystem of smaller pieces, more loosely joined. It means an OpenSpending to which it is easier to contribute, in which it is easier to connect your solution to the global budget data initiative. It means an OpenSpending that is easier to improve; instead of one monolithic codebase that nobody wants to touch, it means smaller , more accessible projects that we hope will inspire your participation. In short, it’s an empowering of the awesome OpenSpending community which lies at the heart of everything we do.

You can read the proposal that was accepted in full here. Many thanks to Tryggvi and Rufus for working so hard on this. Now over to you! What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts.