OpenSpending Community's New Home


Welcome to the new OpenSpending Community site! This site is now built using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages. What does this mean for you?

It means that going forward, it should be easier to tweak, update, and contribute to the site to better fit the needs of the OpenSpending community (e.g. you).

Until recently, this site was hosted using Wordpress. While Wordpress served its purpose well, it lacked the degree of flexibility we desired in a community-oriented site. Ultimately, we chose to migrate to GitHub Pages because it gives us the best mix of:

  • Ease of deployment and maintenance
  • Ease of editing (can do one-click editing and see changes appear)
  • Auditable / moderatable
  • Configurability and themability

In the process of migrating this site, we also reorganized some of its content, so please let us know if something is broken or not where it is supposed to be by creating an issue on the GitHub repository that hosts this site.

Contributing is easy and, of course, highly encouraged! Guidelines for contributing content to the site are available here.